Mold Experts of Michigan, LLC is dedicated to the safety of your family, employees, friends and others who are interested in living/working in an environment that is free of mold.

Mold Experts of Michigan, LLC offers a variety of services that can help you in your specific situation. We can provide Estimates, Inspections, Testing, Remediation, Rebuild, Consulting and Expert Testimony.

When you call our office, we will take the time to listen to your situation, evaluate your needs and get you an appointment according to your needs.


General mold inspections are a visual examination of a home or building’s environmental condition to determine if your property has mold or the potential to grow mold in the future. Mold inspections also:

• Evaluate existing mold damage in the home.

• Investigate environmental conditions that may be causing mold to grow.

• Identify items that may need repair or replacement.

• Identify moisture intrusion areas and inspect for hidden mold using a fiber-optic camera and a moisture meter.

• Provide clear answers on what type of mold, toxic or not, how much and why (this can only be provided through testing and analysis from a lab–see testing in our Services section).

• Give recommendations based on findings.

• Assist in your litigation by reporting inspection findings, analysis of lab results and the effects they may have on health conditions.

• Provide a fully detailed report as described below including: findings, lab report, construction defects, potential problems, assessment of existing mold, remediation plan, general recommendations and preventive maintenance.


Testing can also be referred to as sampling. Here, the inspector takes a sample of the mold infested area and properly prepares it for identification with an accredited lab. This includes properly sealing, labeling, packaging and shipping the samples to the lab. The lab typically receives the samples within 24 hours and processes them according to the request of the client. It is extremely important that a consumer is hiring a company that uses an independent and accredited laboratory for the analysis of the samples. There are various forms of testing that can be performed:


    • Swab Tests
    • Tape Tests
    • Air Quality Tests
    • Bulk Samples
    • Vacuum Samples

Lead Testing

Mold Experts of Michigan adheres to the rules set forth by the EPA regarding Lead. Homes that are built prior to 1978 will require a lead determination prior to any work being performed. Below is an explanation of the law the EPA requires all renovators to follow:

“Common renovation, repair, and painting activities that disturb lead-based paint (like sanding, cutting, replacing windows, and more) can create hazardous lead dust and chips which can be harmful to adults and children. But with careful work practices and thorough clean-up, renovations can be done safely. EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP Rule) lowers the risk of lead contamination from home renovation activities. It requires that firms performing renovation, repair, and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities and pre-schools built before 1978 be certified by EPA and use certified renovators who are trained by EPA-approved training providers to follow lead-safe work practices.” For more information visit:


Estimates are a service provided to customers, so an evaluation of the damage can be assessed. A customer can expect the following at the time of the appointment:

• To have an inspector find the source of the problem.

• An explanation of what is required to return the property to a healthy status.

• To receive, in writing, a quote that details out the price for each area, as well as a complete scope of work for the project. We pride ourselves in keeping our written estimates thorough, but simple enough that anyone reading them will feel knowledgeable about the process they could expect at the property.

• To receive, most importantly, an honest and educated explanation of what is taking place at the property. Scare tactics are not used, and we keep it simple and straight forward with all of our clients.

Mold Experts of Michigan implemented the Estimates program in 2005 to allow customers the opportunity to receive a quote, without having to purchase a full inspection report.


Remediation is a process by which mold problems are corrected. Mold Experts of Michigan follows the guideline set forth by the E.P.A. and the New York State
Health Department for Remediation projects as well as additional reputable organizations who offer knowledge and training in mold.Mold Experts of Michigan, LLC provides remediation services, taking all the necessary precautions to ensure each room is properly contained so cross-contamination does not occur. Cross-contamination is when an infected room contaminates another area. This can happen when the infected room is not properly contained, allowing airborne mold spores to contaminate the other areas.


Mold Experts of Michigan, LLC is a licensed builder in the State of Michigan, and can help clients rebuild after Remediation is completed. We provide clients with an estimate to get their home or office back to a normal status, post-remediaiton.

Self Remediation

For clients interested in performing Remediation themselves, we offer a variety of services to help them accomplish this. An inspector can help clients determine the process that should be used for their remediation. The clients can purchase specific fungicides and protective equipment recommended for their project along with a step by step protocol guide that will direct them through their job. Clients can also rent equipment directly from Mold Experts of Michigan, LLC including containment items and air machines. In addition, we can provide post-remediation clearance testing so the client knows their work was successful.

Expert Testomony

Mold Experts of Michigan, LLC offers Expert Testimony for court related cases. Please contact our office for more information.

If you believe that your mold situation will be headed to court, we ask that you contact an attorney to find out what your legal rights are.

We work directly with Attorneys in helping them defend their clients through a variety of assistance, such as 3rd party interpretations, lab analysis, professional recommendations and more. We do not employ an attorney on staff, nor do we provide legal advice.

Water Damage

After a flood, it is important to stop any existing water leaks, to prevent further damage to carpets and walls. Any standing water needs to be removed as quickly as possible to prevent water damage from extending into other areas of the home or office. DON’T WAIT TO CALL until you notice a mildew smell or see crumbling drywall or even discoloration.

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