EZ Breathe

Low operation cost – $4 to $5 per month versus high cost of a dehumidifier

Little to no maintenance – No buckets or water tanks to empty and no filters to change!!

Improved Indoor Air Quality – helps with Asthma, Allergies and Respiratory issues

Dries & Circulates the pollutants out of your home verses just ‘keeping the area dry’ with a standard dehumidifier
Peace of Mind with a 10 year Manufactures Warranty

1 to 2 Days for Installation

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As changing technology improves the methods and materials involved residential/commercial building and remodeling, studies are indicating the need for a ventilation system. New homes and buildings are currently being constructed in ways that greatly improves energy efficiency by sealing them off from the outside. New windows and doors help to improve the energy efficiency of older homes as well. The negative side effect to all of this increased efficiency is that homes and buildings can no longer breathe in a manner that allows stale, damp, contaminated air out and a good supply of fresh air in. The EPA has recently stated that the air in the average American home/building is three to five times more polluted than the outdoor air. This lack of airflow through the home is being linked by the FDA to severe health concerns such as influenza, asthma, viral infections, tuberculosis and even some types of cancer! Not to neglect the economic costs associated with the general deterioration of the value of the home/building.
With the installation of an EZ Breathe ventilation system the proper amount of airflow is established in your home/building making the air cleaner and healthier to breathe. The EZ Breathe unit removes stale, damp, contaminated air from the lowest point in your home/building. No matter if you have a basement, crawlspace or slab floor the EZ Breathe system will work for you. By drawing the air from the lowest part of your home/building eliminates bad air where it resides. Air holding moisture or contaminants is heavier than clean dry air. As a result the damp polluted air settles and builds up in the lowest part of your home/building. With the installation of an EZ Breathe unit this bad air is completely expelled from your home/building never allowing for unhealthy damaging build up. The direct effect of the air being expelled and the flow of air downwards create an air exchange in the house/building approximately six to ten times that of the average home/building! This helps decrease mildew and molds by not allowing the moist air to stagnate and condense on cool surfaces. Gases pollutants that have built up in the home/building are also expelled and replaced with fresh air from the outside.
The EZ Breathe system is a one unit, whole house solution. To get the same effect you get with one EZ Breathe unit you would need a dehumidifier and air purifier in every room of your home/building. So for the average seven room home, you would need seven dehumidifiers and seven air purifiers to do the job of one EZ Breathe. Obviously, purchasing and operating that many units would not be a viable option. A conventional dehumidifier will run constantly recirculating the same old stale air, letting the water sit until emptied. It requires a compressor using high wattage (400-800 watts per hour), and could cost $30-$60/month. In addition, one may need several units for an area of 2000 square feet. An EZ Breathe unit installed in a cool damp area of a basement will do the job more efficiently for a fraction of the cost, requiring only 40 watts of electricity and no maintenance or attention to its operation…set it, forget it!
The fan is controlled by a humidistat. If the humidity is higher than the fan setting, the fan will automatically adjust itself to a setting that lowers the humidity to the proper level. Once the desired humidity level is reached, the unit will automatically shut off, and then turn back on again when the humidity level increases.

In the summer…When there is no air conditioning in the upper level, the effect is that the temperature of the basement will rise. The upper air, which is warmer and drier, will be drawn downwards, creating a more even temperature level. When the temperature increases in the basement the dew point will have increased as well, which translates into lower condensation levels. When there is air conditioning upstairs, the drier air flows downwards until the humidity level is reduced to the set point of the control.

In the winter…Water will condense on windows and walls at about 50% to 70% relative humidity because this air contains a greater amount of water particles than the cold air outside. After the EZ Breathe unit is operational, the dryer upstairs air flows downwards, raising the basements temperature and lowering the humidity downstairs, and thereby preventing condensation and ice on the windows. The drier air is easier to heat than the heavy moist air, thereby saving money in heating bills. Also, heat loss is minimal because colder air is always at the floor level.

You will not see any water since it does not condense like a traditional dehumidifier. It is instead removing the moist air from the building envelope and replacing it with clean dry air from upstairs. This means there is no reservoir to empty on a daily basis.
The affect on your climate control bills is minimal, based on the fact that the EZ Breathe system draws the air from the very lowest part of the home. This air is always the coldest, most polluted air in the home/building to begin with, and due to its damp nature it is also the hardest to heat. Once in operation the EZ Breathe unit dries the air out, and since dry air is easier to heat than damp air, your heating system does not work as hard to maintain the desired temperature.
The EZ Breathe unit is placed at the lowest level of the home/building on an exterior wall. With the unit’s finished appearance and whisper quiet fan it can be placed in any room.

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